Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Poetry and Polish food

Last week my wonderfully talented friend who I have spoken about previously, Leanne, was doing a gig in my neck of the woods.  The bf met me after work and we had a few drinks and a HUGE burger in The Crown in Southwark, where we were joined by Liz and Leanne.

The gig was a small, intimate one held above The Crown pub.  I believe it was the first of a new regular event, called Listen Softly London, and Leanne had been invited along by the host.

There were 3 poets and an author reading excerpts from her new book, and to be honest whatever I write about the event won't be as good as what Leanne wrote so head along here to take a look if you're interested.  In summary it was good and there was a poet who did an amazing poem on mortgages and I bought his book and Leanne was bloody brilliant and sold out of all her books and even got asked to sign them like the celeb that she is.

The week was spent yoga-ing (I DID A BIRD OF PARADISE! GOOGLE IT!!! OWCH!! YAY!) and doing general stuff that gets done in a week. That's probably the most rubbishest sentence I have ever written.

bird of paradise - imagine this is me but I am not grinning like her, instead I am grimacing and sweating like a bitch and my leg is also bent and not straight but it is most certainly up there woohooo

On Saturday I had the most productive morning EVER.  An 8am yoga session meant I was up and about much earlier than I usually would be on a weekend, and I managed to clean my room, go to the shops, get my car light fixed (sorry mum - I paid halfords to fit my bulb, but it literally took two seconds and turns out I could have done it myself after all - doh! I watched a super complicated youtube video on how to do it which baffled me but all I had to do was remove the carpet and pull a bit out. Anyway), and take my car to be cleaned, all before 1pm. Super.

The car wash was a funny experience, I went to a place the guy in Halfords recommended, but I think I ended up somewhere else as I am not great at directions.  It was run by a Portuguese family and they were lovely and ushered me in from the cold into a back room with a pool table and a table football and a mini cafe and loads of football medals and some of the men were hugging each other and I won't lie I did get a bit scared and wondered what I had walked in on.  But I needn't have worried as they were all very nice and gave me a free cup of tea and a free air-freshner and did an amazing job on my car and I will definitely be back as it was dead cheap. A tenner for inside and out, that's well good!

In the evening I took the bf on a 'shit date' (I labelled this myself) to a Polish restaurant in Elephant and Castle. I had read a blog post on it earlier on in the week and wanted to try it out - it's called Mamuska and it's in the middle of the shopping centre.  It has a nice ambience to it even though it is in the shopping centre, and we started with some nice Polish beer.  We followed up with some classic Polish dumplings (I didn't like these but the bf did), and shared a main each.  SO MUCH FOOD!

I went for the Placki, mainly because of the menu description:

And he had the Golabki - cabbage rolls as he'd had something similar in Romania and liked them.

I preferred his - it was sort of a long pork meatball rolled in rice and wrapped a cabbage leaf, served with a delicious mushroom sauce and mashed potato.  He preferred mine so we swapped but he ended up finishing both as it was too much stodgy food for me.  It was nice, and excellent value - huge portions, but it was very heavy and I probably wouldn't go back.

We toyed with the idea of bowling in the shit bowling alley, playing pool in the shit pool pit but ended up in Peckham at Four Quarters drinking more locally brewed beer.

Sunday started with shit looking pancakes that tasted much yummier than they looked, then I headed up to MK with Liz to see Celia.

they look pretty pants but they didn't taste pants

Honestly MK is just the horriblest place on earth. Celia seems to like it though so I guess there's a reason it still exists. If I had my way I would knock it all down. It's just straight roads, roundabouts, drizzle and many many ugly man made things. I digress. We fed the ducks, had lunch, a nice catch up and headed back to London town. The journey back was pretty misererable as there was so much rain and I could barely see the road.  The sat nav also took me a very scenic route through London town on the way home which was interesting.  Liz and I kept ourselves occupied with the 'I have a business' game.  Have you ever played it? I love it - you just make up really terrible puns:

"I have a business"

Oh, what's your business?

"An electricity provider"

And how's that going for you?


It is a fun way to pass the time.  Liz is really good at it.

We finally arrived home and went straight to the pub for a roast dinner and a game of scrabble by candle light - a lovely ending to a fairly manic weekend.


  1. Hehe those pancakes... Are they bacon pancakes?! I like the look of the polish place - do love stodgy food though!xxxxxx

    1. Bacon and blueberry with maple syrup! I don't know why they looked so horrible. They tasted good though! I'll take you there when you come back! xxxx

  2. You paid Halfords to fit a bulb? You can't be my daughter, you must've been swapped at birth!

    1. I be fair I watched a youtube video beforehand and it made it look very complicated! and it was only £

  3. Well, I am very flattered to be described as "Bloody Brilliant". Can I quote you on my posters? ;-)


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