Sunday, 9 November 2014

"You have a nose to die for"

Last Friday night was halloween. It was also Cesca and David's leaving do, sniffle sniffle.  I was very proud of the gift I got them - inspired by my small purchase for Lisa and Mark's gift (no one wants anything big and knicknacky when they're going of travelling), I bought them a bottle opener keyring which was personalised with a photo of all of us on it (so they don't forget me haha) plus they're big into their alcohol so it'll come in handy!

The only other person I could persuade (actually I don't think she needed much persuasion) to dress up was Sepha, who turned up dressed as a beaten up cat (inspired choice).  Her boyfriend Brad had an incredible costume that came from the Royal Shakespeare Company - apparently once every 4 years they sell off old costumes very cheaply and if you know the right people and are happy to queue for hours you can pick up some incredible stuff.  He looked like a Baron ghost thing and had a lovely yellow cape which flapped about in the wind.

We started the night at the Prince Albert, sat outside as it was a beautifully warm evening, being serenaded by the drunk homeless man who thought he was Jon Bon Jovi.  He told me I had a nose to die for, which I enthusiastically took as a compliment as I hate my nose and think its huge (this is only because my brother thinks he has a huge nose, and I have an identical nose to him so he's now made me insecure about mine, thanks Jord).

We ended up in the Dogstar where Cesca's drunkeness reached a whole new height (I blame David's round of 14 jaegerbombs on this), went outside to get some air and she wasn't allowed back in.  As most of the group had dispersed by this point I decided to head home, persuaded David to take Cesca home, and the remainder of the group headed off to Brixton Jamm.  I had a message from Cesca the next day saying she woke up with twigs and leaves in her hair so I have no idea what happened to them on their way home.  Her and David are now safely in India, eating cheap curries, drinking Cobra and being told stories by someone who knew the guy who wrote Shantaram (apparently).

The other week Bex hosted a halloween themed dinner party, complete with halloween Beethoven and themed cakes.  I loved the fake spiders so much I snuck them home and we're currently having 'spider wars' where we leave a spider in a place someone else will find it and freak out thinking they're a real spider, then they'll move it and hide it somewhere for you to find.  I equally love and hate it, it's a bit of a thrill nearly screaming then realising it's plastic and laughing (yes that's how I get my thrills)

Last Saturday me and Jen headed up to Ely via Hatfield to see the lovely Leanne and Ben.  We hung out at her house for a bit then went for dinner, giving her cat some peace - it's one of those weird cats who hates everyone apart from their owners so not much fun for me and Jen, but she's very pretty to look at.   Sunday was spent in Kent catching up with my parents as they'd been away on a road trip in Ireland.

The weekend finished with my last swimming session of the season which was really good - I was asked to demo my breaststroke (smug face) and I beat my PB time for 200m crawl (3m50 where it was 4 min something previously).  I can't do any of next season's as I am busy for most of them which is a shame, I'll have to find something else to do.


  1. My cat doesn't hate you! She just shows her affection via biting and hissing! -x-

    1. It's OK, she makes up for her bad personality with her stunning looks! xx


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