Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Weirdos on the train

On Friday I received a message from Sepha requesting mine and Cesca’s company for some Friday night fun.  Cesca had gone to Sweden but I was free and raring to go.  We decided upon the theatre as the activity of choice, letting her pick where we went and what we saw.  We met after work in a Covent Garden curry house, with the 50% saved on the food from the tastecard spent instead on a bottle of over priced wine.  The food was delicious though and the waiter was very accommodating to Sepha’s repeat requests for more Raita – I reckon that girl could bathe in it she loves it so much.

I started to ask what we were seeing but then decided that I wanted it to be a surprise so that I had no expectations to be met of what we were about to see.  After a nice dinner catch up we headed across to the Duke of York to see Neville’s Island.  Starring Neil Morrissey, Robert Webb and two other actors I didn’t recognise, it’s a show about a corporate team building event gone wrong.  We eagerly took our (restricted view) seats before realising our view was indeed very restricted, so played a bit of musical chairs to find the best empty seats but ended up back where we started.  At half time we moved up to the disabled section with another couple which was much more comfortable and the view was a teeny bit better – a tip for you there.

not my photo, credits ot the guardian

My review of the play can be summed up in four words: the set was good.  It was made to look like the shore of an island in a lake in the Lake District, featuring possibly real trees, shingle and actual rain.  It was very realistic.  Unfortunately, the rest of the play was not for me.  The audience appeared to enjoy it, they were laughing near constantly, to which I kept looking at Sepha, to check if she was laughing too and I was missing a joke somewhere.  She wasn’t and we were a bit baffled as to what was so funny.  I think it was a humour for an older, more middle aged audience that we just didn't get.   I was happy to leave at half time, but one of the characters had just found some blood in the woods and Sepha wanted to stay to find out what it was.  I won’t ruin it for you in case you decide to go, but I didn't think the second half wasn’t any better.

On Saturday I was on my way to Peckham to run some errands when I was cat called by two men hammering a screwdriver into a tree (?!).  They said, and I quote:

“Hey, you lookin real good today, if you come with me I can get you some more coco? Lots of coco with me!”

Now I know I wasn’t wearing any make up and hadn’t straightened my hair, but I didn’t think I resembled a drug addict when I go make up free… Or maybe I do…..

And then on the way back to meet Tom and Liz for brunch, I was cat called by an older gentleman, who asked me if I was married, and when I ignored him, proceeded to shout ‘hey, hey, hey’ down the street at me to get my attention.  An eventful morning! At brunch, Liz and Tom kept me entertained with stories of weirdos they’d recently experienced on the train which had me guffawing in the cafĂ©.

In a fateful twist of events, on our way back home later that evening after bidding farewell to Lisa and Mark (another one of my close friends going travelling, waaaaaaaaa!), we became the weirdos on the train when one guy berated us (well Marc) for getting overly excited about the plans to London Bridge.

What then ensued was a lot of banter with this random bearded gentleman on the train resulting in more guffawing from me (one day I’ll learn to laugh like a lady and not like a hyena).  When we got home Tom drew a picture of him on the whiteboard which I tweeted to him but as yet he’s not responded. Probably thinking ‘bloody train weirdos’.

Tom's artistic impression of the bearded guy on the train

Saying bye to Lisa and Mark was sad but not as sad as I had expected – I guess I (unfortunately) don’t see her as much as I used to so it’ll just be a bit like that but for a longer period of time and she’ll be really far away on the other side of the world and doing amazing exciting incredible things and I’ll be here working 9-5 and getting drunk every weekend.  If you’re reading Lisi, I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures and read Mark’s blog. (and hurry home). Xxx

Sunday was spent defrosting the freezer for the first time in 5 years. Not much fun.  I also went for a run with Dan – I wanted to see what the 5k route for parkrun is like (our house are obsessed with running except for me, I kind of want in on the action but I am a bit scared).  I was pooped after 3k so we stopped to rest and I made Dan do some other exercises.  After getting over his initial embarrassment at doing squats in public, we did 5 sets of 15, 4 sets of 10 pushups, 3 sets of 15 stomach crunches and followed with some burpees, side and front planks, lunges and finishing with stretches.  I was really happy that I knackered him out as usually it’s the other way round as he’s a much better runner than me.

Later that evening I went swimming and smashed it – I was so happy.  I got moved up a group as I kept catching up and overtaking everyone in my group, and then I kept up easily with the new group – wooohoo! I felt like I was on speed or something, I had so much energy.  I also think I have finally learned to do a good crawl – turns out I have a terrible technique which I have been doing all my life and no one has corrected me until now.  It makes SO much difference – not only in speed but stamina too as I guess I am doing it more efficiently.  For anyone living locally I highly recommend Lido Mike, him and Sarah are lovely and so encouraging and I have definitely improved since I started swimming with him.

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