Thursday, 23 October 2014

Distracted by telly

Sorry, long time no bloggy.  Several reasons for this in varying order - Walking Dead is back on telly, I have just started watching Orange is the New Black, and also Glue on E4.  Complete enjoyable timewasters to be curled up on the sofa when the weather's shit outside and I am feeling sorry for myself.

So what have I been doing apart from telly binges?  Lots of things really. I went on a 'how to be a better PA' course - this was a suggestion from my boss about 8 months ago when I had a break down and burst into tears in front of him when we were doing the office moves. All very embarrassing but he now realises I have my limitations and I think he was as embarrassed as I was and hasn't been that mean to me since. I love a training course and a day out of the office, and it was really interesting.  Plus we got to feed ducks and squirrels in Regent's Park at lunch time.

feeding the geese and ducks in Regent's Park

Asides the fact the trainer could be incredibly annoying (he put an 'h' infront of 'anyway', 'ok' and 'interesting' and after every single thing he taught us he asked if we had found it useful and to put up our hands if we would be putting it into practice) I learnt loads of good Microsoft tips.  Like did you know that you can insert a screen shot from the insert screen in any Microsoft programme you're in, rather than doing a print screen? And did you know you can overlay all your calendars so you can find a free spot that everyone can make? And did you know that you can make emails from certain people different text colours, sizes and fonts?

I also learned that I am not very assertive (my friends and family would probably disagree, I guess I am a pussy at work) and it reaffirmed that my boss is on the whole a decent bloke to work for and I am not as terrible as I thought I was.

I have been doing lots of 'cultural' stuff too.  I went to the Saatchi which currently has a room filled with huge ants crawling on the wall, plus some other random not so good stuff.

I went to the Imperial War Museum which appears to have got rid of its interactive experience exhibits which saddened me greatly (though having said that I only did the bottom floor then got bored and left).

Me and Bex went on a day trip to Hampstead Heath (I am such a bad Londoner, lived here 5 years and never been).  It's very pretty and you get some great views of London.  Also in the middle there's an English Heritage house that's free to explore.  Named Kenwood House and built in 1764, it was home to Lord Mansfield and his family, of which his niece was subject of the movie 'Belle'.

The house is beautiful and each room contains incredible art work by the likes of Gainsborough and other famous artists I haven't heard of.   It's definitely worth a visit as they have nice tearooms attached too.

super creepy painting

I also went to the Koestler Trust exhibition in the Southbank centre.  Introduced to this by Amy about 4 years ago, I have been every year since and highly recommend it.  It's an exhibition of the art made by prisoners in their art classes, and it's incredible.  Not that I sympathise with prisoners, but obviously it's not great being in prison and you probably go through a lot of shit when you're in there, and often had to go through a lot of shit that got you put in there in the first place.  The artwork is all very varied - sculptures, montages, paintings, needlework, but every single piece is amazing and tells a story.  It's all very meaningful and some of it is incredible.

this is a pencil drawing. it's incredible!

Peckham's also suddenly got really cool.  A new bar's opened up in an old butchers called Four Quarters - it's got a small but well stocked beer bar at the back and is full of old school arcade games and pin ball machines.  We checked it out last Saturday and had a good time, the other bonus is the ratio of men to women is about 3:1.  There's also a bar called Rye Wax opened up in the basement of the Bussey Building.  It sells comics, tshirts and vinyl and also has Banh Banh, a small vietnamese food place, attached to it.  David, Cesca and I checked it out this week and the food is AMAZING - £5 for a Bunh which is a noodle salad, very healthy and filling and delicious and an utter bargain. I want to go back and try the Banh Mi and Papaya salad.   I just wish Amy and Rob were here to hang out there (and that David and Cesca weren't heading off). sigh!!

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  1. Aw! Nice to have you back on the bloggosphere! A friend of mine used to work for the Koestler Trust - they do really important work rehabilitating prisoners! I've never been to the exhibition, but always wanted to go! -x-


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