Sunday, 14 September 2014

Catch up

A catch up of what I’ve been up to since I have been back:

- I spent the first couple of days at home in Kent with the fam, went for a lovely birthday dinner in a Nepalese restaurant (mum’s latest favourite) then headed back to London.  My adorable housemates had got me an orchid (which is still alive!) and a bottle of prosecco and we had a house party – I had wanted to go to Dogstar but my foot injury meant going out would have been problematic which is a shame, I miss the place!!!

- Sunday was Celia’s wedding – a quiet affair at a cute venue in Northamptonshire.  Besides a last minute panic that the best man might not make it, it went smoothly.  Celia looked gorgeous in her ridiculously expensive dress that she managed to WIN in a competition – jammy girl!!! Here are some photos:

-  Drinks and food and catching up with a variety of people

- A failed Saturday cycling trip to Richmond with Tom, Tim and Liz – failed because we didn’t cycle as the bikes were all booked out, so we tried to hire a boat but the tide was wrong, so we ended up (after a lot of wandering around and discussion) on a boat to Kingston, where we landed and had a jug of pimms.

-  Purchasing a lovely little Golf TDI – so excited to have a car again, especially a ‘grown up’s car’.  It goes REALLY fast and it’s a proper car, no more fiestas for me! Fingers crossed it lasts longer than the last one….

- Seeing a boy, nice and casual like, no pressure

-   Gymming like a mad thing – kettlebells, power plate, TRX suspension, you name it I’m doing it

-  Hanging out with Cesca - Breaking Bad Mondays, impromptu pub trips and a lovely Westerham walk finished with scones and tea cakes in the village

- Ikea with Samia – we’re like a married couple

-  Girls night with Bex, accidentally dying my hair red (again!! When will I learn!!) and applying facemasks and watching a bloody awful film called Locke where Tom Hardy’s accent goes from a poor Welsh to west country to aussie to Scottish to northern and back again.  Don’t bother with it!

- House party for Liz's birthday - lots of karaoke, ridiculous photos and 4am bed time, owch, catching up with the lovely lovely Barbra! 
I think she drank too much

Glow in the dark G&Ts!

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