Saturday, 12 July 2014

Krabi town

We slept well after our epic bike ride and got up at a leisurely hour the next day. After last night's greek feast (i know...greek food in thailand! But it was so cheap!) With incredibly garlicky tzatziki we weren't feeling too great so we had a light breakfast before getting our transfer back to Krabi, this time headed for the town rather than Ao Nang beach.

The journey took three hours with one of those being stuck at the ferry port waiting to board, which just shows you how much the other driver took the piss on our way there.  I have a feeling this will be a common occurrence!

Amy had her heart set on a particular hotel after reading glowing reviews but after traipsing up and down to find it, turns out they had no twin rooms and a hotel we had checked out before had a lovely room with a KING size bed, A/C and a shower curtain for the same price so we opted for there instead.  (It's a little bit of luxury we're unlikely to get again!)

Krabi river from our hotel

We wandered into the town and found a shopping centre, a night market and a temple.  Apart from the strong Durian smell which made me feel queasy, it reminded me very much of Singapore and I loved it! Ao Nang was very much geared for tourists whereas Krabi town has a much more local vibe and you feel more at home.  We got some dinner from the night market which consisted of some form of semi crispy chicken and rice in a bag for me, and fried chicken and a chicken wing on a stick for Amy, followed by weird crispy pancake things that didn't taste of much and sticky rice and mango. 

The next day we went to the natural hot springs and the Emerald pool.  The hot springs were lovely; not sure if it was manmade or not but the springs cascaded down into a small waterfall with pools that you could sit in, so we stayed there for awhile.  It was like sitting in a warm bath and apparently (as with all these things) the water had medical benefits.  It was definitely relaxing, though would have been more so if we had the place to ourselves. 

The emerald pool was a large pond giving off a beautiful blue hue. Well, emerald coloured! It looked like a swimming pool and we had a dip in it (until Amy spotted fish then freaked out and didn't get back in!) We then headed 800m down the track to the blue pool, a smaller pond with a much deeper blue colour.  You're not allowed to swim in this one due to sticky mud which was a shame.

Emerald Pool

Blue Pool

Next and last stop on our tour was the Tiger Cave Temple.  This consisted of a temple at the top of a karst mountain with 1260 steps to the top.  Easy peasy!!!! NOT!!! I expect the likes of my brother and Rob would have been fine but for us it was hard work.  Some of the sets of steps were very steep and it was a struggle to reach the top, we passed a few people who'd given up but we were determined to do it. 

Dripping with sweat we made it after 45 mins and discovered a cracking view (though would have been better if not overcast) and a 278m tall Buddha.  We sat for a while to catch our breath when the dark grey cloud that had looked miles away suddenly loomed in carrying a monsoon shower with it.  We decided not to wait for it to pass and headed down the 1260 steps in the pouring rain. 

Storm rolling in

It stopped once we reached the bottom and we had a soggy wait for our transport back but it was worth it!

Places stayed...
Krabi town: Krabi river hotel, 600baht per night (2 nights). Holiday apartments. King size bed, AC, shower curtain. Lovely room and friendly owners. Fifth floor roof terrace.

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