Monday, 12 May 2014

Photo catch up

Oops forgot to write again. A catch up below:

- Sandown Races with work.  Everyone started drinking on the bus at 10am - urgh.  Bet and didn't win. Next day somehow volunteered to cook for a million people.  Lisa and Bex came round which was nice as hadn't seen them in a while.  Then headed off to Cesca's for afternoon tea with a pretty impressive spread.

Proof I cook dinners occasionally.

Proof Cesca does a great afternoon tea!

- Bristol to see Jen & my brother. Lovely weather, lovely dinner, lovely company.  Hotel sleep disturbed at 3.30am by drunk men sounding like deranged clowns in the next room. Lucky enough to be in Bristol the weekend an artist decided to install a large water slide down Park Street.

A door built just for me!

- Tuesday we said bye to Amy and Rob forever. Well if they don't come back that is.  Bit sad but managed not to cry, mainly helped by the fact they gave me their TV.  Thanks guys!

- Thursday I went to the Sony World Photography Awards at Somerset House.  I highly recommend it (it's on until 18th May).  I love photography exhibitions and this didn't disappoint.  My favourite thing was a video on twins.  There were different sets of twins across all ages for a photo shoot, and before they photographed them they did a mini interview.  They asked the twins questions about what it was like to be a twin, and they asked the adult ones what they would do if the other died.  One woman burst into tears at the very thought and it brought a  tear to my eye!!  There was also some photographs taken in Syria at the Free Syrian Army base.  This moved me because several of the photos were of people who had since died in the battle.

The guy on the right was Molhem Barakat, a 17 year old freelance photographer contracted by Reuters.  He died shortly after this photo was taken

Photos of artist's floors

I love the look on the lion's face mid sex

Pacu Jawi - Indonesian cow racing

Dogs captured straight after a bath = hilarious results

- Saturday was Becky's birthday celebrations.  We went to her house to play some games (original plan of crazy golf got rained off) where I became quiz master which was fun, me being a megalomaniac and all.   We hung out for a few hours then headed to Wetherspoons (we're so classy).  We continued the night in Thai Square which bizarrely turns into a night club after 11, and the music and clientele reminded me of being at Highrocks or SOS when I was at school...think Usher and Fat Joe and a bunch of chavs and old men.  Liz's dancing was pretty fantastic and attracted a lot of attention and a few dance offs.  We stayed till the early hours before heading to McDonalds (all great nights end in some fast food joint or another) and grabbing a taxi home.

The one on the right got in a fight

I was the least hungover so cooked everyone breakfast, then after rearranging my bedroom (continuing the theme of all change in our house) continued with my ridiculous idea of saving £20 and printing, cutting out and sticky back plasticy-ing the Cards Against Humanity free PDF.  What I saved in cash I lost in time, effort and sanity.  Sigh!

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