Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello 2014, welcome to Booze Hell

I welcomed 2014 lying on the floor of the living room complaining I had been poisoned and was about to be sick.  Rob had to carry me upstairs to the toilet where I was sick for apparently 2 hours, carried to bed by Lisha (being a nurse she was the only one who wasn't grossed out by my state), slept for a few hours then continuously vomited for a further 8 hours.

I didn't get out of bed till 3pm the next day.  Hooray! Needless to say my new years resolution is to not drink myself silly, and I'm trying to abstain from drinking in January completely.

Asides the fact I was hideously ill (self inflicted - werthers vodka tasted a bit too delicious as did apple juice and firecracker whisky), our new years party was good fun.

arm wrestle challenge

disco room!

Unfortunately Ditch was really ill and couldn't make it, meaning Becky also didn't come as she felt bad leaving him alone. such a good girlfriend!! However we still had a good turn out, enough to play the pass the parcel game!  Some people weren't as up for the forfeits as others but we still had fun, I had to do the cracker challenge which was REALLY hard and I lost, Marc had to wear some sexy zebra print pants all night, and I can't remember who had to do the others.

Rich then did a quiz with some good questions but my team lost resulting in more shots, then we did beer pong resulting in more shots....everyone went to the hill to go watch the fireworks but I was too far gone by this point and stayed at home with Rob John and Amy, we did a bit of karaoke then I started feeling sick and the rest is history.

The best part about it though was coming downstairs at 3pm the following day the house was spotless - so I guess there's a silver cloud to every lining!

I woke up to a text from Amy saying 'have you looked at your phone yet', where low and behold I found some disturbing mangina photos.  I'd love to share them here but I don't think I would be forgiven.

The week at work has been fairly quiet as have my evenings - I have been recovering from my 'chundathon'.

Saturday I met with Bex to go to Putney Heath to fly my kite.  Unfortunately it was raining and cold and we ended up not flying it, but we did do some geocaching - this is the first time in about 7 years since I knew it existed that I have done it on my own and it turns out it's not as hard as I thought it would be to do all the GPS stuff.    We did a normal and a multi cache (where you are given a location, and a clue, and you have to write down the answer from the clue, then head to another few locations and get answers from the next clues, then you have to work out the final cache location using the answers to the clues) but by the time we got to the final one it was quite dark and we couldn't find the cache, boo!)  We then watched a movie called 'Behind the Candlebra' which was so so weird and featured Michael Douglas and Matt Damon being very gay with each other. It was a good film, based on a true story about Liberace.

muddy putney heath


Today I am cooking the first of many dinners owed to my friends, I have chosen to do baked aubergine with lamb - I had it in a restaurant a few months ago and it was YUM and it seems fairly healthy.  No doubt I will get very stressed out, make a mess and vow to never cook again, but I do owe LOADS of dinners so I just have to man up and do it....

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