Sunday, 26 January 2014

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I feel the blog's taken a bit of a boring turn since I got back from SG. I guess in one way that's to be expected because Singapore was new and exciting and London isn't.  I'll try and do some more exciting things to make it more interesting to read though. I was checking out this guy's site the other day and felt inspired, now I fancy a microadventure - not sure how I feel about camping in the open though. What if a fox pees on you or something?  Either way check out his site - if only for the beautiful photography.

This week's been pretty lame.  Thursday I was struck down with a disease (being melodramatic as always) and was bedridden for 3 days (this bit's true).  Gutted as I missed out on a work night out on Friday which are always fun.  I also now can't taste anything which is really rubbish as I do love my food. I was so ill I only ate half a kebab on Friday night - that's unheard of!

Saturday I went to see 12 Years a Slave.  Horrific horrific film. So uncomfortable to watch.  Beautifully shot and acting was incredible, but urgh it was just horrible. Humans are truly despicable - we crave power so much we'll do anything to get it. It's horrible.

Sunday was a miserable day weather wise but Barbra and I had planned to walk to Portobello Road market (given that I've lived in London 4 years and never stepped foot there).  We compromised because of the weather and got a bus to Victoria and walked from there instead of from our house.  I think we must have walked about 5 miles including strolling round the market and going the long way home.  It's nice round there - as we walked through Hyde Park I also realised I've only ever been there for Winter Wonderland and RHCP concert years ago.  There's some lovely Italian Fountains at the top of Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens which I didn't know existed so I want to come back when the weather's a bit sunnier.

After getting wet and cold and slightly miserable we got a bus home.  I went to Amy's and we played 'Settlers of Catan', which was a bit mind boggling at first but I think I got the hang of it.  Amy won when she realised a strategy on her last move (that's how bad we are at strategic games....we don't realise there's strategies involved until the end, usually when it's too late!)

Oh I learnt three new things this week, all cooking related:

1) you can poach an egg in a microwave. Little bit of kettle fresh water in a cup, crack the egg into it then zap it in the microwave. It's a bit hit and miss, it exploded when I was demonstrating to my housemate but that only happened to me once. I can't get the timing right though, I keep doing it too hard or too runny.

2) I then learned how to properly poach an egg (ie in boiling spinning water in a pan)

3) our oven has a timer. 4 years in this house and I never knew our oven had a bloody timer!!! How many meals could I have saved if I knew this little nugget of information, sigh.

No photos and I don't like leaving my posts photoless so have a photo of a baby pig in a jumper and socks.


  1. I love this pig! Can you buy me one? xxx

  2. P.s. Glad that you are feeling better :)


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