Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cambridge, Kites and debates

My dinner went well last week.  I didn't poison anyone which was a start.  Dinner topics ranged from the man with two penis's (penii?), to past Big Brother series, to the incestuous town they found recently in Australia.  I learnt a lot.

it certainly ain't pretty but it was yummy

This week has been really busy with work - I am basically doing three jobs due to staff shortages (4 if you count still supporting Singapore).  Not complaining though, busy is good!

Thursday I went speed dating with two friends.  It was really disappointing this time - no one weird, everyone fairly normal!! So no funny stories.  I met one guy who is a celebrity blogger and another who is a producer on Big Brother. That's the most interesting thing.  It was in Islington though and I never go out there so that made a nice change. Went to Byron for the first time too - wasn't that great, the burger reminded me of a cake or something because it just looked so perfect and shiny.  Reading that back that's a strange comparison to make really.

What was looking to be a quiet weekend has turned out to be a busy one.  Friday night I went to Brixton to see Sepha who was back from her travels for a random week.  It was great to see her and she looked very well - so brown!!!! Had lots of stories to tell too as well as a scar on her arm where  a monkey bit her.  Was a really nice evening catching up with everyone, and I stayed out a bit later than I intended, getting home at 1.30.  I also ate a McDonalds dinner and KFC midnight snack...which combined with the 3 krispy kremes I ate on Thursday has made me feel really piggy and fat.  Urgh.

I have been sleeping really badly this week and having really weird dreams about planes crashing, boats exploding, flying boats shooting cannonballs at the ground to kill everyone, and Marc having a baby and no one knew who the mum was (all separate dreams).  Weird.  So I was looking forward to a lie in, but annoyingly I woke up at 6.15 on Saturday morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Typical.  So went for a run but on no breakfast so it was really rubbish.

Later on I met Cesca and David (Ches, that's another mention for you, woo) and we flew my kite in Brockwell Park.  It was SO MUCH FUN and I can't wait for the summer to hurry up so we can fly it in nice weather - both me and the kite got covered in mud.

it's hard to photograph a kite on your phone

We then headed out to Brixton again for John's birthday.  The boys were running late so me, Barbra and Cesca sat in the pub having a catch up before being joined by 2 random American guys.  We then engaged in a comparison of the USA/UK competition with topics ranging from accents and words to best foods.  It was fun.  I think one of them was my soul mate but turns out he was married. Such is life. Also Barbra finds Australian accents sexy. What a weirdo. The guys then joined us and topics of conversation got weirder.  After a while me and B headed home as we were falling asleep at the table and everyone else went to Dogstar. (2 alcohol free nights in Brixton in a row - so proud of myself!)

This morning I got up early to see some of my favourite people in Cambridge - Leanne, Jen and Sam.   I fell asleep on the train but managed to wake up in time to get off on the right stop.  We went to The Eagle where apparently Watson and Crick discovered DNA over a pint.  Because it was so frigging freezing outside we spent a good few hours here and had several debates including feminism, books vs kindles and whether I should buy the glasses I was trialling or not.  The concensus was a yes but I am a tight arse and don't want to spend £95 on them.  Here's Sam wearing the glasses, he looks really cool:

I look distinctly less cool....

We then went to the Fitzwilliam Museum which was pretty cool, though I was more interested in the architecture of the building that the exhibits.  It's filled with lots of stuff including statues of people, some coins from the Iceni tribe (Boudicea, my favourite), some paintings from a variety of sources (including some amazing ones by John Caxton), and a separate room filled with rude Japanese drawings with amusing captions.  It was a good day.

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