Sunday, 19 January 2014

All work and no play makes me really grumpy

This week's been a bit crazy at work - I had 4 tenders to do this week (one of them I had to do in a day because the person I was doing it for got the due date wrong - he owes me lots of favours now).  To put it into perspective, you usually get about 2 weeks to do these tenders, so this week has been very busy indeed. It wasn't helped by stupid trains being delayed every day, and I was an hour late the one day I needed to be in early to send a document off to a client.

It meant that by Friday I was totally frazzled and ended up not going out for a friend's birthday which I felt bad about, but I was truly shattered and crashed out in front of the telly then went to bed at 10pm, rock and roll!!!!  On the plus side, I went to the gym on Thursday after a particularly stressful day, and the gym was AMAZING.  I did more than usual and was totally focused on it and was on such a high after. Perfect stress buster!  I did however, over work my arms and they have been killing me all weekend.

Saturday, I took my friends home to meet my mum. It sounds really weird (and it was a bit) but last year because of Amy's wedding we ended up going to both Amy and Cesca's home towns so thought it was only fair I show the delights of mine!!! We trundled down to Kent in Cesca's micra and did the perfect introduction to the town - a historical cache trail set by my step dad.  It took you round some of the nicer parts of town.  This took a few hours (with lunch) and we went to the park to check out the flooding - I have never seen so much water in the park before.  Surprised no one was out boating on it as it was definitely deep enough!

sunset over the lake (park!)

We headed back to mum's house where her and Tim had done an amazing spread - Victoria sponge cake, cup cakes and scones with jam and cream.  Don't think she's made this much effort on my birthday even so was a very pleasant surprise, thanks mum!!!

On Sunday after an amazing 11 hour sleep I headed into London town to take the girls on a geocaching adventure.  Two of them had never done it before so it was nice introducing new people to it and I think they liked it!  After a quick detour to TK Maxx as I hadn't dressed appropriately and was freezing my bitss off, we did the Swan to Canary cache series which starts at Swan Pier opposite London Bridge, and heads three miles down to Canary Wharf.

manic happy face

It was really good because I've never walked down that bit of the river before and it's a nice route down through Tower Bridge and St Katherine's docks, down through the Shadwell basin and ending up ten minutes walk away from Canary Wharf station.  We also got to see the sun set across the Thames, and a huge navy ship go past so we waved at the sailors as they went past.  I got a bit instagram happy - see below

London Bridge and Shard

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

The Dickens Inn, St Katharine's Docks

Tobacco Docks


It was a really nice chilled weekend after a crazy week at work and just what the doctor ordered!


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